Barracuda 2.1 VOC Adhesion Promoter & Sealer

BARRACUDA is specially formulated to provide superior paint adhesion to all automotive surfaces. It is ideal for use on all flexible or rigid plastics, fiberglass, and painted surfaces. BARRACUDA acts as a tie coat by allowing multiple substrates to be painted at one time to assure a consistent, durable finish on every job. It is compatible with all solvent based urethane, epoxy or acrylic lacquer primers, sealers, and basecoats. MRS-1250 is V.O.C. compliant across North America and available in quarts, gallons and aerosol.

Part Numbers:

Part # Unit Size SDS TDS
MRS-1250-1 1 U.S. Gallon Download Download
MRS-1250-Q 1 U.S. Quart Download Download
RS-598 20 oz. Aerosol Download Download