Overall European Clearcoat

MRS-6300 European Clearcoat is formulated with premium European resins. This formula utilizes the best UV stabilizer system to prevent yellowing. MRS-6300 has superior vertical stability avoiding runs. It is 2.1 V.O.C. compliant and mixes 2:1 with MRS-6360 Fast, MRS-6375 Medium or MRS-6390 Slow Activator. It can be applied in air dry or bake environments. Available in 5 liter cans and in quarts.

Part Numbers:

Part # Unit Size SDS TDS
MRS-6300 5 Liter Download Download
MRS-6300-Q Quart
SDS Unavailable
MRS-6360 2.5 Liter Fast Activator Download Download
MRS-6375 2.5 Liter Medium Activator Download Download
MRS-6390 2.5 Liter Slow Activator Download Download