Replacement Bulbs

Great quality, long life bulbs that carry the U.S. Government Military specification. All replacement bulbs are sold in 10/Box except halogens, which are sold per unit.

Part Numbers:

Part # Unit Size SDS TDS
RS-1156 Clear - 10/Box
RS-1156A Amber - 10/Box
RS-1157 Clear - 10/Box
RS-1157A Amber - 10/Box
RS-194 Clear - 10/Box
RS-194A Amber - 10/Box
RS-916 Clear - 10/Box
RS-916A Amber - 10/Box
RS-2057 Clear - 10/Box
RS-2057A Amber - 10/Box
RS-24 Clear - 10/Box
RS-24NA Natural Amber - 10/Box
RS-3057 Clear - 10/Box
RS-3057NA Natural Amber - 10/Box
RS-3156 Clear - 10/Box
RS-3156NA Natural Amber - 10/Box
RS-3157 Clear - 10/Box
RS-3157NA Natural Amber - 10/Box
RS-3357 Clear - 10/Box
RS-3357NA Natural Amber - 10/Box