Southern Blend European Clearcoat

Southern Blend is formulated specifically for hot, humid climates where most clearcoats tend to blush or die back during the drying process. This clearcoat is easy to spray, easy to buff, and is the perfect solution for hot, humid weather. It mixes 2:1 with MRS-6360 Fast, MRS-6375 Medium or MRS-6390 Slow Activator. Available in 5 liter cans only.

Part Numbers:

Part # Unit Size SDS TDS
MRS-6600 5 Liter Request Download
MRS-6360 2.5 Liter Fast Activator Request Download
MRS-6375 2.5 Liter Medium Activator Request Download
MRS-6390 2.5 Liter Slow Activator Request Download